Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Astrology for house


Based on the horoscope , it can be predicted whether a person will build a house or not. Based on the planets in the fourth house, the location of other planets , and considering the Period that the person is going through, it can be said if the person will build a house or not. Even the life period, life style, academics, family , ancestral property and friends can also be told based on the Horoscope.

If the SUN is in the FOURTH HOUSE and is in top form, the person will enjoy ancestral property .

If MOON is in the FOURTH HOUSE , he will be prosperous and will have more than one house.

If MARS is in the FOURTH HOUSE then it will be a good house.

If MERCURY is in the FOURTH HOUSE , the house will be according to your wish.

If GURU is in the FOURTH HOUSE, there is a possibility of the person building the house.

If SHUKRAN is in the FOURTH HOUSE, then the person will get a house through his wife.

SANI is not auspicious. It will take away the existing house also. However in some context, Saturn is the highest Benefactor and provides extremely good fortunes.


The direction of the Entrance or house face has a very important place in Vastu. The zodiac sign of the owner of the house, should be taken into consideration while selecting the direction in which the entrance or house face should be placed. The Direction auspicious for each Raasi is given below. Based on this, the Entrance or house face direction could be chosen.

East- Karaka, Meena, Virishchika

West- Mithun, Tula, Kumbha.

North- Mesh, Simha, Dhanu

South- Vrishabha, Kanya,

According to zodiac sign of the owner main door can be fixed. But the main door if fitted as per the location of plot and road abutting according to Vastu Shastra then only it may be considered auspicious.


Moreover we should see in which days to start building the house. Sunday Tuesdays and Saturdays are not good days for laying foundation. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays are good days for laying foundations.


The house should be started after seeing the auspicious time in PANCHANGAM.
Shubham, Pramaim, Mahendiram, Sathyam, Shilam, Shupiram, Ayushman, Sowbagyam, Thuruvam, Thiruthi, Shoban, Agarmam, Piruthi, Sitham are good times for starting the houses. Like this Palavam, Pavam, Kaulavam,, Nathvai, Karasai, Pathina, are very good time. In stars, Karthigai, Uthiram, Uthiradam, Miruga Siridam, Chitirai, Avithajm, Punarpusam, Vishagam, Purathdi are not auspicious time for buiding houses. The following stars Prathanam, Tudidiyai, Tiruthiyai, Chaturthi, Panchami are auspicious for starting the house.

The colours used for painting the house should not be jazzy but pleasant to look at. According to the Gods of directions and the colours attributed to them, the colours of the room should be chosen. The colours can also be chosen based on your RAASI.

The Colours suitable for each Raasi are given below:

RED,YELLOW based colours - Mesha.


GREEN, RED based colours - Mithuna.


RED, WHITE based colours - Simha.

GREEN, YELLOW based - Kanya.

LIGHT YELLOW based - Tula.

RED,BLUE based - Virishchika.

BLUE, YELLOW based colours - Makara, Kumbha.

YELLOW, BLUE - Dhanu, Meena.

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