Sample Vastu Plan

 This is a sample of our house plan. This Land is North West corner plot. But house positioned to cardinal direction. This orientation is the most difficult to get correct vastu principals. In this plan we achived correct vastu principles. This is to show how we correct the house based on basic vastu principles very well even in a very difficult situations.
There are no of steps to be followed to get Vastu house plan. First, need to calculate all the requirement based on hand length and birth details. Then need to make the house plan step by step according to vastu principles. The some of works can be arrange as follows.

                     Identifying the Vastu Purusha according to the Directions

                        Identifying 81 Pada system
                Identifying the best Door Locations of each directions  
Identifying the main parts locations based on the Vastu Mandala Principales
                             Identifying the Main Marmastana
                   Identifying the House Minor Marmastana based on Rajju etc.
                      Identifying the 15 Pada System
                   Identifying the Directions according to the Plot.

                        This is based on Hasta Length of the Owner
                   Identifying the House Length and Width 
                   according to the Birth Details and hand size of the owner.
                   Identifying the House Size according to the Birth Details