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FREE Online Vastu advices
The vastu consultancy can be done through net. If you are placed away from us and want to have a consultation, do not worry, just send a email or give a call. You will get a proper solution. If you want to talk to us, do set a particular time and we can have a chat and you can clear your doubts right there. The area of instruction provided can be categories as follows:

FREE advices related to your house
Deciding on the orientation of the buildings,
Arrangement of the various rooms, kitchen and bathrooms.
Fixing locations of doors and windows,
Parking, Stairways, Balconies and Verandahs,
Placement of the ventilators, and cupboards.

FREE advices related to your plot
Selecting the plot considering shape, size, roads and situation,
Method of correct sloping of the plot,
Placement of water sources like overhead or underground tank and Well,
Locating the Gate,
Locating the garage, animal shed or servants’ quarters,
Placement of the septic tank and soakage pit.